How much should a putter weigh?

How much should a putter weigh?

Conducting a putter fitting should take most of the guesswork out of selecting the correct weight. Most manufacturers offer multiple weight options in each head type to satisfy a large majority of the golfing population. But sometimes 340 or 350 grams — roughly the average weight for a blade putter on the PGA Tour — simply isn’t enough weight.

Is my putter too heavy?

If your putter is too heavy, you will achieve distance with varied results, and very little directional control. Make sure your weight is the fit you need. Most big stores sell clubs premade, and they do not normally sell components like the head or shaft individual, so you have to look at the weight of a club based on how it swings in your hands.

When should you change the weights in your putter?

You should change the weights in your putter if you feel your stroke is too wristy, as adding extra weight will prevent excessive movement in your hands and help you putt straighter. If you miss left regularly, adding more weight in the toe will help.

How do you add weight to a putter head?

I pretty much add my preferred amount of weight using lead plugs. I coat them in shafting epoxy and use a ram rod to jam them down the shaft towards the head. It helps if you know the raw weight of your putter head. (I always remove the head and weight it and then add the plugs before I reinstall the shaft.)