How much oil does a club car golf cart take?

How much oil does a club car golf cart take?

Club Car golf cart engines hold between 1.25 and 1.5 quarts of 10W-30 engine oil. When your oil dips below the designated level, you can top your Club Car golf cart up with standard 10W-30 engine oil. Again, you can use synthetic oils if you wish, but they’re typically not as effective in Club Car models.

Why is my club car golf cart leaking oil?

The cause of a Club Car golf cart leaking oil usually originates from the engine. The crankshaft or fuel filter may have a crack in it; which can cause oil to leak. Here are some common causes for an oil leak in your club car golf cart:

How to change the oil in a club car?

Place your club car on a ramp and secure it with a floor jack. Remove the oil filter. Place a pan in front of the oil filter and the drain hole. Place the plug back after the oil drains. Put on a new oil filter firmly. Fill up the engine with new oil. Run the engine for 30 seconds and then turn it off.

How to change the oil in a golf cart?

You first need to park your golf cart on a flat surface. Turn the engine of the golf cart off. Remove the oil cap located that is usually on the top of the engine.It is of a round shape. Place the oil cap in a safe place. Remove the dipstick that is located on the driver’s side. Clean the dipstick by wiping it with a clean cloth or rag.