How much money do you win at the Memorial Tournament?

How much money do you win at the Memorial Tournament?

2022 the Memorial Tournament money: Purse, winner’s share, prize money payout The 2022 Memorial Tournament purse is $12 million. See the winner’s share, total field prize money payout for every PGA Tour player earning money. How much paid.

What is the prize money at the PGA Tour final?

Final will be on June 6. Total Prize Money | The total prize money set for the event is $12 million to be distributed among the champion, runners up, and other golfers. There is a huge increase of $2.3 million in the prize money as compared to the previous.

Why do Professional Golfers play the Memorial Tournament?

Golfers often relish a chance to compete at the course that Jack built, as it is a uniquely difficult setup that tests every aspect of a player’s game. The Memorial also attracts players because it has a big purse. In fact, the prize money available at the tournament ranks top 10 on the PGA Tour.

What is the prize money for the 2022 Memorial Tournament?

A sweet sweet. With that, here’s everything you need to know about the money, including winner’s share, for the 2022 Memorial Tournament’s $12 million purse. (But we, sadly, can’t help with the milkshake recipe.