How much is Sonoma Country Club?

How much is Sonoma Country Club? Sonoma Golf Club amenities

While some Sonoma Golf Club members declined to disclose the private club’s initiation fee, one current member told the Index-Tribune that the membership fee has ranged between $50,000 and $150,000 over the past decade – plus $1,100 monthly dues.

Who owns Sonoma Golf? Sonoma Golf Club, which is owned by the Colorado-based Escalante-Sonoma LLC, declined the Index-Tribune’s request for comment. It first made the request for an additional 250 licenses in 2018.

Who designed Northwood Golf Course? Just north of the forest grove where this society meets, on an elbow of the Russian River, lies Northwood Golf Club. Designed in 1928 by Dr. Alister MacKenzie for members of the Bohemian fraternity, this 2,893-yard, 9-hole course is set in an ethereal glade, guarded by stands of redwoods.

Who designed Sonoma National Golf Course? Designed by Sam Whiting, the course is widely considered a treasured relic of the golden age of golf architecture. The club, course, and grounds cover 177 acres of land that was originally part of the J.K. Bigelow Ranch.