How much does xxio men's wood cost?

How much does xxio men’s wood cost?

XXIO MEN’S WOODS XXIO PRIME 9 Driver. $849.99 XXIO PRIME 9 Fairway Wood. $579.99 XXIO PRIME 9 Utility Hybrid. $379.99 XXIO 9 Drivers. $649.99 XXIO 9 Fairway Woods. $429.99 XXIO 9 Utility Hybrids. $279.99

Who makes xxio golf clubs?

XXIO [zek-si-oh] is part of the DUNLOP SPORTS CO. LTD family and brings the #1 golf brand in Japan to America. With a long standing tradition of premium golf clubs in Japan, Dunlop Sports is proud to announce the introduction of the XXIO brand to America.

Is xxio a good brand to buy?

Just like Taylor Made and Callaway are to the US golf market, XXIO is the brand that many Japanese golfers sought after for longer and straighter golf equipment for beginners to experienced golfers. The one thing that prevented from penetrating in to the US market would probably be the price.

How much does a xxio 9 golf bag cost?

XXIO 9 LADIES CLUBS XXIO Ladies XXIO 9 Drivers. $649.99 XXIO Ladies XXIO 9 Fairway Woods. $429.99 XXIO Ladies XXIO 9 Utility Hybrids. $279.99 XXIO Ladies XXIO 9 Irons. $1260.00 XXIO Ladies X072W Transport Bag. $349.99 XXIO XXIO Ladies X073W Cart Bag. $249.99 XXIO Ladies X063 Cart Bag. $249.99