How much does a Ping Eye 2 iron set cost?

How much does a Ping Eye 2 iron set cost?

Ping Eye 2 Iron Set 2-LW Stock Steel Shaft Steel Stiff Right Handed Black Dot 37.5in. Now: $257.99. Was:$699.99. Ping Eye 2 Iron Set 2-PW, SW, LW Ping ZZ Lite Steel Stiff Right Handed Black Dot 37.75in.

How to clean your golf clubs?

The first thing you are going to want to do is to clean your golf clubs with soap and water. A microfiber cloth should be lathered with soap and water and then used to scrub the club head of the golf club. Some people use brushes when cleaning their clubs, but it is best to use the cloth.

Can I refinish my golf clubs?

Before you take on a time-consuming and potential total refinish of your clubs, clean them thoroughly. Using a soft cloth and a light soap, gently wipe the club face and head. Use the wire brush to clean the grooves on your irons and wedges. If you determine more than a cleanup is needed, it’s time to refinish.

Are Ping Eye 2 Beryllium copper irons still available?

The Ping Eye 2 BeCU irons are not being produced anymore, but there are plenty of them around if you are still interested in trying a set out. Now that you have the details on how to clean them properly, you can make sure that even a used set looks great. What Made Beryllium Copper Golf Clubs Stand Out?