How much do Trump's vacations to Mar-a-Lago cost taxpayers?

How much do Trump’s vacations to Mar-a-Lago cost taxpayers?

According to the Washington Post, Trump has taken some 19 trips to Mar-a-Lago during his presidency so far. If the average cost of $3.4 million for the first four trips is extrapolated, that means the president’s vacations have cost taxpayers at least $64.6 million.

How much did Trump’s travel costs cost taxpayers so far?

A new report from the Government Accountability Office says four such trips early on in Trump’s presidency cost taxpayers $13.6 million, or some $3.4 million each. That is far higher than the estimates of Trump’s travel costs early in his presidency, which were pegged at about $1 million per trip.

How much does Donald Trump spend on golf trips?

Overall expenses for Trump’s travels to New Jersey and Florida were estimated at $6.4 million a year, and security costs charged by local governments are reimbursed by the federal government, according to Trump Golf Count.

How much did Trump’s Bedminster golf club cost taxpayers?

Former President Donald Trump’s frequent visits to his Bedminster, New Jersey golf club reportedly cost taxpayers $2.4 million.