How many wins does Phil Mickelson have on the PGA Tour?

How many wins does Phil Mickelson have on the PGA Tour?

Woods’ most successful calendar year came in 2000, when he earned nine PGA Tour wins. Although his PGA Tour wins (43) barely total half as many as Woods, Mickelson has had plenty of career success in his own right. No event has treated him better than the AT&T Pro-Am at Pebble Beach, which he has won four times.

What is Tiger Woods’s most iconic moment in golf history?

It’s truly stunning that Tiger Woods accounts for so many of golf’s all-time iconic moments by himself, with so many of them coming on a major stage. Breaking through with a 12-shot romp at the 1997 Masters, Woods revolutionized golf as we know it.

How did Phil Mickelson celebrate his win over Tiger Woods?

By the end of the round, Mickelson emerged victorious. He celebrated by putting photocopies of his five winning $100 bills into Woods’ locker with a note that read: “Just wanted you to know Benji and his friends are very happy in their new home.”

When did Tiger Woods win his first major championship?

Woods’ first major win came in the 1997 Masters, when he became the youngest golfer to win the tournament at age 21. He has yet to win a major since 2008, when he defeated Rocco Mediate by one stroke in a playoff at the U.S. Open.