How many sisters does Adam Scheffler have?

How many sisters does Adam Scheffler have?

Scheffler has three sisters named Callie, Molly and Sara. [25] Scheffler is a Christian. [26] He attends Bible study with his caddie Ted Scott, who caddied for Bubba Watson for 15 years. When requesting Scott to be his caddie, Scheffler said "I really want to work with a Christian.

Is Adam Scheffler the masters champ?

He’d join incredible company in being called The Masters champ. Throughout the weekend, Scheffler has performed brilliantly, but he’s also received plenty of attention after donning a Nike vest in the middle of the action as well.

Is Scheffler wearing a vest?

The vest makes an appearance between Scheffler’s shots. He’s been wearing it a lot, but not all the time. The camera cuts around during the broadcast so the most interesting non-Tiger aspect of Saturday was guessing if Scheffler would have the vest on or not. It’s also led to some solid content on the internet.