How many RADSPEED heads does Kyle Berkshire use?

How many RADSPEED heads does Kyle Berkshire use?

Kyle Berkshire went through 27 RadSpeed heads on his way to the World Long Drive title. Prior to the start of this year’s World Long Drive Championship, Cobra made 30 RadSpeed heads for Kyle Berkshire and Bryson DeChambeau to use.

What is Kyle Berkshire’s favorite club in his bag?

Kyle Berkshire makes hay bashing drivers for a living, but it isn’t his favorite club in the bag. The title goes to a 12-degree King Forged Tec prototype utility iron that travels over 300 yards with 200 mph ball speed when Berkshire catches it out of the middle of the face.

How far did Kyle Berkshire hit his 8-iron?

Bryson DeChambeau in awe as Kyle Berkshire crushes 8-iron over 300 yards! Bryson DeChambeau can’t believe his eyes as Kyle Berkshire hits an 8-iron past the 300-yard mark… Sign up for our daily newsletter!

What driver does Kyle Berkshire use?

Kyle Berkshire uses a 45-inch Cobra RadSpeed driver when he’s not bashing balls in a long drive event. Having the ability to smash the ball over 400 yards makes Kyle Berkshire a human cheat code. But even the champ realizes there’s a difference between keeping it on the grid at a long drive event and splitting the fairway on a tight par-4.