How is the sync different from other cart bags?

How is the sync different from other cart bags?

It really comes down to a few small but clever elements. First, the top design of the Sync is different from its cart bag kin. Second, the base has an oval shape compared to the more traditional round cart bag bottom. Third, the strap pass-through was redesigned to work better with a push cart.

How many pockets does the Sun Mountain sync golf cart have?

Sun Mountain Mens 2022 Sync 14-Way… Fourteen individual club dividers run… Bottom molded to fit over the lower bag… There are twelve pockets including a… The range finder pocket lifts and there… Two utility handles help get the bag on… Sun Mountain 2021 Women’s Sync Golf Cart… Eight pockets including a ventilated…

How many dividers are in the Sun Mountain sync bag?

Top Diameter: 9.5″ Sun Mountain Sync Cart Bag is featured with 15 individual full-length dividers to keep your clubs safe and organized. It also includes an integrated putter compartment to put your putter protected on the bag.

What is the Sun Mountain sync golf bag?

The new Sun Mountain Sync golf bag was designed to meet the needs of the walking golfer who uses a push cart. Historically, the push cart user either needed to strap a carry or cart bag to the push cart. Neither of those bags was designed to be pushed and, as such, neither is perfect when latched to the push cart.