How hard is it to get a double eagle in golf?

How hard is it to get a double eagle in golf?

Very, very difficult — a double eagle is much rarer than the hole-in-one . To score an albatross, a golfer has to hole out in two strokes (record a score of two) on a par-5 hole, or make a hole-in-one (a score of one) on a par-4 hole.

What are the odds of a double eagle on par-3 holes?

(Double eagles are impossible on par-3 holes.) Double-eagle odds can’t be definitively calculated, because nobody is entirely certain how many double eagles are really made at all levels of golf.

What is the difference between a double eagle and hole-in-one?

A double eagle or an albatross are terms used in golf for a three-under-par score on any single hole. A golfer can only achieve this on par 4 and par 5 holes. On a par 5 hole a double eagle or an albatross is made by holing out from the fairway on the second shot. On a par 4 hole it is a hole-in-one. Is a double eagle more rare than a hole-in-one?

What is a triple eagle on a golf course?

An eagle is a score of 2-under on a hole; a double eagle is a score of 3-under on a hole. In theory, a triple eagle—4-under on a hole—is possible: It would be a hole-in-one on a par-5 (also called a " condor ") or a score of two on a par-6.