How does your wrist respond to your golf swing?

How does your wrist respond to your golf swing?

Your wrist is in extension mode when you pull your hand toward your forearm. The clubface responds by opening. Your wrist is in flexion mode when you bow it like Dustin Johnson and most elite players. The clubface responds by closing. Dustin Johnson starts with a strong grip, which facilitates flexion in his wrist early in his swing.

What is a bowed left wrist in the golf swing?

If you play golf left handed, it would be your right wrist that would be in question. The bowed left wrist is one of the various positions that you can use in the golf swing if you so choose. While the wrist can be bowed at any point during the swing, it is most-easily observed at the top of the backswing.

Should your left wrist be bowed at impact?

When you have a bowed left wrist at impact, your hands are going to be ahead of the ball and you should be striking down through the shot nicely. No matter what their swing looks like at the top, most of the best players in the world feature at least a slightly bowed left wrist at impact.

Should your left wrist be bowed or cupped when playing golf?

Bowing the left wrist can help hold the clubface more stable throughout the swing and prevent a flipping of the hands at impact, leading to better compression of the golf ball. Obviously, the middle ground between a bowed and cupped left wrist can be described as a ‘neutral’ position.