How does temperature affect golf ball range?

How does temperature affect golf ball range?

Temperature changes do have the greatest affect on ball flight, but it might not be as much as you think. Going from 40 to 100 degrees will increase a 6-iron carry by 8 yards and a driver by 9 yards. The rule of thumb is that for about every 10 degrees you can expect a change of about a yard.

Does temperature effect how far golf ball travels?

Yes weather does affect the distance of a golf ball. This is because the temperature of cold air is denser than warm air. When a cold club comes into contact with a cold golf ball, drag will be experienced. The cooler energy affects the distance and speed when a golf ball is hit.

How much does temperature affect golf balls?

There is no absolute temperature, but there is a rule of thumb golfers use. You can use the below as a guideline to estimate how much distance you will lose with cold weather. For every 10 degrees (Fahrenheit) drop in temperature, the ball will lose 2 yards of carrying. Below 40 degrees, the ball speed will decrease, and so will carry distance.

Does heat affect how far a golf ball go?

Does a Golf ball Go Farther in Hot Weather. Yes a golf ball will travel farther in hot and humid weather. You can expect your golf ball to fly through the air an extra 1-2 yards (per 100 yards) in a warmer environment. Humidity creates an ideal temperature for a golf ball to travel a longer distance.