How does a stimpmeter work?

How does a stimpmeter work?

The person using the Stimpmeter slowly raises that end (by hand) until, when the device reaches an angle of 22 degrees, gravity causes the golf ball to release from the notch. There is a groove, or channel, down the center of the Stimpmeter, which keeps the ball on track as it rolls down.

What is a stimpmeter on a putting green?

The Stimpmeter is a very low-tech device, essentially just a small metal ramp that is angled down to a flat part of a putting green. How far the golf ball rolls across the green results in the "Stimp rating" of the green.

What is a good Stimpmeter reading for golf?

A typical golf club usually aims for a Stimpmeter reading of 9 or 10. This is generally considered to be the goldilocks zone of green speeds; not too fast, not too slow. For golfing competitions, it’s not uncommon to see stimpmeter readings creep up to 11 or 12, which is the average stimpmeter reading on the PGA Tour.

What is a stimp rating in golf?

How far the ball rolls before stopping becomes the "Stimp rating," indicating green speed. If the golf ball rolls nine feet, the Stimp rating is 9; if it rolls 11 feet, the green speed rates at 11. Who Invented the Stimpmeter? You might have noticed that "Stimpmeter" is capitalized; that’s because the word is an eponym.