How do you hit a hybrid Golf Club off the tee?

How do you hit a hybrid Golf Club off the tee?

Hybrid golf clubs are made to get the ball airborne from both the fairway and rough – so if you’re thinking about hitting your hybrid off a tee, try not to tee the ball up too high. Teeing the ball lower on the tee will encourage a consistent strike onto your hybrid so you can hit it from everywhere.

Should women use hybrid golf clubs?

Some women discover that they have so much more success with a hybrid club that they swap out quite a few of their other clubs for hybrids. If you struggle to hit the ball straight off the tee with a driver, for example, you might want a hybrid club with a minimal loft angle to use off the tee.

How high should I hit my hybrid golf clubs?

For hybrid clubs, you want to hit high enough for the club to lift the ball and continue towards the ground. Think of this as aiming the club for the ground but happening to hit the ball through the air on the way there. Ensure any divot your club makes is shallow.

Is it easy to hit a hybrid club?

Having the ball sitting up in the rough or on the fairway makes hitting with a hybrid club easy. It’s just important to the adjust the position of the ball so you can hit it at a high enough angle [4] The ball should still be close to the center of your stance, so only move it a distance equal to around 1–2 golf balls.