How do you hit a bunker shot from the sand?

How do you hit a bunker shot from the sand?

You want the shaft to be straight up and down. Make a half backswing, then really spank the sand two to three inches behind the ball. Here’s the visual: You’re throwing the sand and the ball out of the bunker together. Easy—and it works. One of the big issues on bunker shots is, people think they’re supposed to cut across the ball.

How do you swing a club to hit the sand?

You want to feel like you’re leaning toward the target. When you swing, take the club back steeply while keeping your weight on your front foot. Then swing down so the club enters the sand no more than an inch behind the ball.

How do you hit the ball off the sand?

The club will interact with the sand somewhat like hitting off a cartpath. It’s going to bounce off the surface, not dig, so keeping the face square helps avoid skulling the ball three fairways over. Your downswing needs to be steeper for the same reason, so adjust your stance until almost all your weight is on your front foot.

Should you hit the golf ball over the green or in the sand?

When you are hitting out of a greenside bunker, you always hit the sand first, and most of the time you only hit the sand. If you hit the ball first you are either going to bury it in the sand or you are going to hit it over the green. How Much Sand?