How do you get tickets for the Masters 2019?

How do you get tickets for the Masters 2019?

But how do you get tickets for the event? Well, the best and simplest way is by securing tickets through the Masters online ticket portal. This system is effectively a ticket lottery. You enter your details and how many tickets you want – up to four per person, and then Augusta selects a small pool of winners.

How to buy the 2023 Masters tickets lottery?

Well, here is your chance to get a great price on a ticket. First, you will want to go to the 2023 Masters Tickets Lottery to log in or create an account. Then, sign up with your current information so you have a chance to win the tickets. You can select all the days, but you can only win for one day with a maximum of tickets you can buy.

How does the Masters lottery work?

The portal operates on a lottery system, meaning people submit their names and information to Augusta National (and how many tickets they want, up to four), who in turn selects a small pool of ‘winners.’ Masters lottery winners are then given the opportunity to purchase tickets to the tournament at face value prices.

How do I apply for the Masters lottery?

Go to the Masters ticket lottery site, 2. Create an account with basic information about yourself, like name, address, phone number, email, etc. (or sign back in if you’ve tried this lottery previously). 3. Decide if you would like to apply for practice round or tournament round tickets.