How do you fly with golf clubs?

How do you fly with golf clubs?

So, if youre like a lot of people and you cant leave home without them, here are five tips for flying with golf clubs. 1.Carry it on ‘ Although you dont have a choice but to check your golf clubs, make an effort to carry-on your other luggage. If you have to, take a few items you’d normally check separately and stuff them into your golf bag.

How to protect your golf clubs when traveling?

Purchase a golf travel bag Investing in a good golf travel bag is the best method to ensure that your clubs are protected while traveling to a golf destination. The first is that it will prevent your golf clubs from being damaged, scraped, scuffed, or snapped while being transported.

Can you bring golf clubs in your airplane bag?

Nor do they allow you to pack just anything in your golf bag. Under its current policies, for instance, American Airlines permits clubs, balls, tees and one pair of golf shoes. If you’re thinking of being sneaky, think again, as you might be asked to open your bag at the airport. If you’ve packed anything beyond the approved items, fees will apply.

How do you protect your golf sticks from airplane damage?

When it comes to safeguarding your sticks from airline damage, a high-quality travel bag is your first and best line of defense. But there are many other simple, protective steps. A stiff-arm, for instance, adds vertical strength to a travel bag, protecting your clubs from all kinds of stress.