How do you change brakes on a golf cart?

How do you change brakes on a golf cart?

Clean the axle shaft and splines removing dirt, grease and debris,Use WD-40 or equivalent to prevent seizing on the axle spline,Fit the inner brake drum washer and fit the brake drum in place,Check that brake drum nose is past the end of the axle splines. …Install castellated nut and cotter pin,Torque the nut to 80-90ft. …

How to adjust club car golf cart brakes?

Put the ties back on and torque the lugs to 50lbs.Adjust the brake pedal height. …Connect the battery or batteriesMove the tow switch back to the run position if required.Lower the golf car to the ground and test drive in a safe area.

How to make golf cart batteries last?

What can affect your golf cart batteries’ lifespan?Overcharging the Batteries / Battery Maintenance Number one on the list of what not to do is to not overcharge your batteries. …Battery Brand / Quality It also matters, needless to say, what brand of batteries you choose to purchase. …Golf Cart Features

How to replace brake pads on EZGO golf cart?

To replace golf cart brakes, follow the steps given below:Bring your cart to a level surface and turn the motor off.As an alternative to turning on your parking brake, place 4 blocks or bricks in the front and back of the front set of wheels.Use a floor jack to jack up the rear of your cart.Disengage the rear set of wheels using a ¾ inch socket wrench.Disengage the brake drum, uncovering the brake pads.More items…