How do pros arrange their gold clubs in their bag?

How do pros arrange their gold clubs in their bag?

Most pros tend to rearrange their gold club bag as per the golf course. For example, if they see the greens are surrounded by thick rough they may like to add up an extra wedge to get through it. One more important thing to note is that pros don’t tend to keep a long gap between the clubs.

Should you carry a hybrid in your golf bag?

Some golfers are reluctant to carry a hybrid in their golf bag. When you first pick up a hybrid club, you will notice that it performs a bit like an iron and a bit like a wood. It takes a little getting used to, and that will discourage a few players. A hybrid is a very valuable club to keep in the golf bag.

What is the best travel golf bag?

This top-rated golf travel bag from Himal has received nearly 3,000 5-star reviews — and for good reason. The exterior of the bag is made from heavy-duty polyester, which will prevent your clubs from the nicks and dings that come with the travel experience.

How many clubs are in a professional golfer’s bag?

There are 14 clubs in professional golf bags, and a golfer is only allowed to have 14 clubs with him or her on the course at any given time. The rule for this is Rule 4-4 of the Rules of Golf.