How do I store my golf balls in winter?

How do I store my golf balls in winter?

Move them into your basement or the den if your wife will let you. These very cold conditions should not have a detrimental affect on the long-term performance properties of the balls as long as you bring them back to room temperature slowly.

What is the best way to store your golf equipment?

So don’t expose your golf balls to high temperatures similar to those in the trunk of a car in Phoenix AZ in mid summer (150 degrees F or so) and don’t hit a frozen ball. Storing your equipment at really cold temperatures will not make it very happy and you know what unhappy equipment does.

What happens if you put golf balls in your bag?

Doing so can permanently deform the balls and make them unplayable. Many people elect to put a whole box of golf balls directly in their golf bag for storage. This is generally a fine place to store them as long as your bag is put inside a temperature-controlled area.

Do golf balls go bad in the freezer?

Unless you store your golf balls in an environment with an extreme temperature — a freezer, for example, or during summer in the trunk of your car — they will last for years. "Under normal storage conditions — 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit — a golf ball can last forever," states The Golf Professor.