How do I select a golf ball?

How do I select a golf ball?

1 STEP 1: Visit the Golf Ball Selector Tool#N#When you visit Titleist’s online golf ball selector tool, you’ll be prompted… 2 STEP 2: Compare Golf Balls On The Course#N#Once the selector tool has recommended two golf balls to test, the next step is… 3 STEP 3: Play Your Best Golf Ball Model More …

How do we determine the best golf ball for your game?

By analyzing our database of over 320,000 live launch monitor fittings, we can determine the best ball for your game. Answer a few questions and find the right golf ball for your game.

How do I choose the best golf ball for my swing speed?

T he simple, short questionnaire that follows is just to determine the best ball for your swing speed— but that is a big step towards finding a comfortable ball for your game. E very golf ball has a different compression (low compression balls = softer; higher compression balls = harder).

What are the best golf balls for beginners?

Low-compression golf balls are the best bet here, as every yard matters in your game. Beginners, juniors, ladies, and seniors will benefit most from low compression. Look for a rating 80 or lower. Mid compression golf balls are suggested for you, as low compression balls could create control issues.