How did Tiger Woods win his fifth green jacket?

How did Tiger Woods win his fifth green jacket?

A big reason why Tiger Woods was able to win his fifth green jacket and 15th major title was his stellar iron play. Woods led the field in greens in regulation at Augusta National, hitting 58 of 72 greens overall and 47 of 54 over his last three rounds.

How does Tiger Woods brush the ball off the ground?

He simply brushes the ball right off the top of the ground. I used to take lessons from 1935 PGA champion Johnny Revolta and he liked to refer to this type of stress-free swing as a “do nothing swing.” It’s like Tiger is doing less but getting more out of his swing.

How did Tiger Woods win the Masters Tournament?

Tiger Woods won the Masters Tournament thanks in large part to his stellar iron play. Tiger’s first coach, Rudy Duran, analyzes Woods’ iron swing, frame by frame.

How does Tiger Woods swing his golf clubs?

Tiger swings the club back to a very comfortable top-of-backswing position – not too long or too short. It’s the epitome of an efficient backswing, as there’s no dip down or lift up. He’s stacked right on top of his trail ankle, knee and hip.