How can I Fix my golf tops?

How can I Fix my golf tops?

The cure for your tops likely lies in one of these three tips: 1 Move the ball back in your stance#N#Sound simple? It is. If you’ve got the ball too far left (closer to your lead foot)… 2 Maintain correct posture throughout the swing#N#Many golfers, especially seniors, habitually lift up during the… 3 Fix your poor weight shift More …

How do I stop topping my golf shots?

To stop topping your golf shots, try to relax a bit more. Have faith in the club, be it a 3 wood or the 5, after all they are designed to get the ball up into the air. While we are on the subject about clubs being designed for getting the ball up into the air there are no better examples than the wedges.

What causes you to top the golf ball?

Here are a few solutions depending on what is causing you to top the golf ball: This mechanical error in your golf swing can result in topping the ball. Whether you’re sliding your hips back and not correcting prior to impact or you’re sliding too far forward during the downswing, the result is the same.

How do I stop topping the ball with my driver?

It can be a problem when using the irons but, more often than not, it’s topping the golf ball with a driver and hitting the fairway woods that can be so frustrating. To deal with the problem, first we need to understand what is happening. The best way to do that, is to visualise the club contacting the ball above the ball’s equator.