How are Ryder Cup captains selected?

How are Ryder Cup captains selected?

The U.S. Ryder Cup captain is also selected via board vote. The eventual selection comes via the PGA of America’s 21-person executive committee, which consists of golf stakeholders from around the country. The board’s job is to discuss various candidates, their worthiness and overall resume before settling upon a final selection.

What is the Order of play in the Ryder Cup?

The order of the formats—which of foursomes and fourball is played in the morning session and which in the afternoon session—is decided by the home team captain. Team USA and Team Europe each have eight golfers in play during each of the two sessions.

How does the Ryder Cup match-up work?

In the Ryder Cup, neither team captain knows which golfers the other team is sending out for any given session, nor the order in which those golfers will play. So the specific match-ups — which golfer from Team Europe meets which golfer from Team USA — are somewhat random.

How many golfers are on each side of the Ryder Cup?

Teams and team selection: Team USA and Team Europe each consist of 12 golfers, making 24 golfers total participating in the Ryder Cup. Each side is led by a team captain chosen by the PGA of America and the European Tour, respectively. Each team captain selects his own assistant captains.