Does the golf ball go too far?

Does the golf ball go too far?

The Takeaway – Stop Hitting the Golf Ball Too High. In order to stop hitting the golf ball so high, you need to first diagnose what is causing the problem. It could be because of a number of different factors, including: Poor setup – ball too far forward, open clubface, weight on the back foot.

How far from the golf ball should I Stand?

The club should be 2 inches above your knee if the distance is correct. If this does not happen, move slightly closer or farther from the golf ball without bending or straightening your legs. We hope the information above must have answered the question, how far should I stand from the golf ball?

How to find correct distance from the golf ball?

Address a golf ball in your normal position. Any club will work, driver through lob wedge.Carefully place the butt of the grip on your left leg while retaining your address posture. …The club should touch your left leg about two inches above the kneecap. …If it’s considerably higher than two inches, you’re probably standing too close to the ball. …

How to stop swaying off the golf ball?

Grab a driving range basket and place an alignment stick through one of the holes so that the tip of it is positioned directly over the top of the golf …Reposition the golf ball so that it is just to the front side of the stickTake a 9-iron or wedge and set-up as you normally would to the ballMore items…