Does golf Blitz cool you down after every shot?

Does golf Blitz cool you down after every shot?

But, Golf Blitz will force you to cool down after every shot. As you progress through the game, the cooling period will go down. In the early stages – you will wait 2,5 seconds before taking another swing with the club. That is why it is crucial to make a move as soon as this period is over.

Is golf Blitz a real golf game?

To be honest, Golf Blitz is not a real-life simulation of golf. In other words, this game turns golf into an exhilarating adventure. At the same time, the courses in this game can be quite challenging. We have compiled an in-depth Golf Blitz tips, cheats and tricks guide to get your ball into the hole first and dominate your opponents.

How do I level up in golf Blitz?

Unfortunately, in order to level up and become stronger, things are more difficult than that. In order to earn experience in Golf Blitz you will be working hard in to earn new cards and upgrade your existing card arsenal. Using Bux to upgrade your array of cards is literally the only way you can earn experience.

How do you use XP in Blitz?

You use XP to upgrade everything in Blitz. You can upgrade your gun, turret, suspension, and engine. Usually modules will not take as much as the next tank in the line will, and of course, lower tier modules and tanks will take less XP/ time to get then the higher tiers.