Does Coca Cola remove rust from golf clubs?

Does Coca Cola remove rust from golf clubs?

Coca-Cola has the ability to dissolve rust, but can also damage the club if left exposed for long periods of time. It is best to soak the club in Coca-Cola for only a few minutes at a time. Again, use a small brush to scrape clean the rust.

How do you clean a rusty Golf Club?

This can be a good place to start for most clubs. With a simple mixture of soap and water, you do not need to worry about damaging the club. After a brief soak, use a small brush like a toothbrush to try and remove any rust. This works best if the rust buildup is not extreme.

Can you remove rust from a golf shaft?

However, rust must be removed from a golf shaft, according to Ganley. If your metal shafts are rusty, or you don’t like the look of a rusty club head, you can remove the rust the same way you would from most any other metal surface. Use preventive measures first to try to keep rust from forming on your clubs.

Is it OK to play with Rusty golf clubs?

Contrary to popular belief, a little rust is not the end of the world. For some used clubs, especially wedges, some rust may even be beneficial. Made famous by Cobra’s Trusty Rusty wedges, rust can actually increase the friction on the surface of a wedge and increase spin.