Do you follow the rules in golf?

Do you follow the rules in golf?

In golf, you are your own rules official. There isn’t someone watching your every shot. Even in tournament golf, unless you’re on TV, the only people watching you are your playing partners. You learn the rules early and there is an expectation to follow them when you’re playing.

What skills do you learn from playing 18 holes of golf?

Golf takes an extreme amount of mental and emotional concentration for 18 holes. This is a great thing to learn when you play golf but take into the world. Focusing on your goals or keeping your attention on the task at hand however long you need to is a very positive skill. 4. Problem Solving

Do golf courses let you play alone?

If it’s not too busy, most golf courses will let you play alone. However, if the course is busy or it’s a high-traffic time (like weekends and evenings) they will likely pair you up with another group to help open up more tee times. They do this because, from a business perspective, it makes a lot of sense.

What has learning about golf taught you about yourself?

Golf has taught us how to interact with others. At times, you don’t always have a 4-some and you are put in a group with random people. With golf taking about 3 1/2 to 5 hours to play, there is pressure to communicate with others in your group. It’s a great tool to have in life being able to interact with others on a whim.