Did Donald Trump win a golf championship in 2018?

Did Donald Trump win a golf championship in 2018?

Yes, Trump was president of the United States for all of 2018. Yes, Trump turned 72 last year, which would be an impressive age to win even a senior club championship. But there the plaque is, identifying Trump as the reigning club champion at his spectacular Trump International course.

How many Real Club Championships has Donald Trump actually won?

Of the 18 club championship “wins” that Trump listed for Golf Digest, 12 are actually senior or super senior club championships. So that leaves six real club championships. One of the six he lists was Trump Westchester 2001, when the club wasn’t officially open yet. That leaves five. The next was Westchester 2002, when the club was only nine holes.

How many times has Donald Trump played golf since his inauguration?

According to data maintained by the website TrumpGolfCount.com, the 45th U.S. president has clocked up 285 daytime visits to golf clubs since his inauguration, with evidence of golf being played on at least 142 occasions up to November 08, 2020.

How many times has Donald Trump won the US Open?

Oh, yes. Trump International in West Palm Beach, Florida, has a plaque on the wall that lists all the men who’ve won the men’s club championship. Trump appears three times: 1999, 2001, and 2009. But hold on. The course wasn’t even open in 1999.