Can you train your golf swing in your backyard?

Can you train your golf swing in your backyard?

This can all be done in your backyard. You simply need enough space to swing a golf club. This is the ultimate at home training and one where you can see immediate results. You have your swing radar there to monitor your progress! Let’s face it, regardless of the current state of your game we all want more speed.

How do you hit a golf ball in the grass?

Set up like you’re going to hit a ball (but don’t actually put a ball down), with the bottom of your driver just touching the tips of the grass. “Make some swings skimming the top of the grass,” says Guss.

Can you hit a golf ball through your neighbor’s Windows?

And that’s fair; no need to smash golf balls through your neighbors’ windows. But this drill that Jason Guss, one of our Golf Digest Best Young Teachers, gave us for your backyard lets you pull out driver. Ok, we should be clear, you’re not going to be hitting balls.

Can you play golf in your backyard?

Having a net in your backyard and working on solid contract and start line is really important to improving in golf and can help you reach your full potential. Some people may choose to utilize a hitting mat, depending on the grass in your backyard. The key here is to make sure you pick a target on the next and try to hit that spot.