Can You ship golf clubs in boxes?

Can You ship golf clubs in boxes?

You don’t want the boxes to be too big, or else your golf club will slide back and forth during transit. On the other hand, the package can’t be too small, or else your club won’t fit inside! Fortunately, USPS actually offers free Priority Mail Cardboard Mailing Tubes that are the perfect size for shipping golf clubs.

What are the dimensions of a golf club Box?

The dimensions of the box are 8 inches long X 8 inches wide X 48 inches high. It is a corrugated construction made according to specifications for 200#/ECT-32 single wall boxes and can carry up to 65 pounds. This box can replace the often-used mailing tubes making it ideal for shipping irregularly-shaped items such as golf clubs

How much does it cost to ship golf clubs with ups?

The cost to ship golf clubs with UPS depends on how fast and how far you want to ship your golf clubs. To give you an idea, you can ship a standard golf club set (ground services) from New York to Los Angeles for approximately $95. This will include the “fuel surcharge” and “declared value.”

Do you buy used clubs in boxes?

I don’t buy used clubs often but the few times I did the boxes have almost always been filled with all sorts of trash or nasty newspaper for packing. Quite honestly disgusting and probably weighs more than using the air pillows.