Can you put a golf cart on the roof of a trailer?

Can you put a golf cart on the roof of a trailer?

You can’t put the golf cart on top of the roof of your trailer, not so much because of the weight of the golf cart, but that the combination would be too high to make it under the overpasses. Then, if you live in one of the 24 states that disallow double trailers behind the tow vehicle, you are going to be out of luck.

How much weight can a golf cart tow?

On the other hand, the EZGO TXT golf cart is capable of towing 3,000 pounds of free weight. Some golf cart owners claim to have towed 1,700 pounds with their electric TXT carts and 1,200 pounds with an EZGO gas cart. The actual weight that a golf cart can tow depends on both the brand and construction.

How to tow a golf cart behind an RV?

Flatbed or enclosed trailer: This is a unique trailer type which makes towing golf cart a lot easier behind your RV. Even after towing the golf cart onto the trailer, it will have enough storage space to bring on some additional items for towing. Tow bar: With the help of this tow bar, you can quickly get the golf cart on top of your camper or RV.