Can you golf on Poa annua greens?

Can you golf on Poa annua greens?

However, because golfers carry the seeds on their shoes, poa can invade almost any course. Pebble Beach Golf Links, a longtime host to PGA Tour events and major championships, provides a perfect example of the difficulties golfers face on poa annua greens.

Why are poa annua greens so unpopular?

This characteristic of poa annua — its fast growing time, which can very subtly (but noticeably) change putting conditions over the course of a day — makes it unpopular with some golfers. Tiger Woods is the most famous detractor of poa annua greens.

Are Poa greens worth it at Pebble Beach?

Pebble Beach’s poa greens have been both lauded and criticized over the years by the pros who play on them. Poa greens tend hold footprints longer and get bumpy as the grass grows later in the day even if they were cut in the morning, critics say. Pros note that keeping putts less than 4 feet on their intended line can be very difficult.

Who are the best putters on Poa annua greens?

Brandt Snedeker is known as one of the best putters on poa annua greens. (Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images) Possibly the most bemoaned of all putting surfaces, poa annua greens have developed a bumpy reputation.