Can you add a steering wheel to an EZ GO golf cart?

Can you add a steering wheel to an EZ GO golf cart?

This EZ-GO Golf Cart Steering Wheel is designed for ALL EZ-GO GOLF CARTS (RXV, TXT & Marathon). It’s a great addition that will give your EZ-GO golf cart a custom look and feel. Easy to install. Just check out the video below (installation video for all steering wheels, the adaptors may differ a bit).

Is the steering wheel aligned in the center on a golf cart?

It is essential that the steering wheel of your golf cart is aligned to the center to give you the best performance. If there is no center alignment, there are high chances that your cart will experience a pulling effect.

How to drive a golf cart properly?

Take your position in the driver’s seat and place your feet on the dash of the cart in such a way that your arms and knees are below the steering wheel. Tap the steering column at the center a few times with the help of a metal punch.

How do you remove a golf cart steering wheel?

You can remove your golf cart steering wheel with just a few basic tools and by following a few simple steps. Check the rear of the center plate of the steering wheel for a screw connection. If there are any screws, remove them and detach the center plate.