Can the masses hit a 48 inch driver?

Can the masses hit a 48 inch driver?

If the masses could actually hit a 48" driver with any consistency, they would have them for sale everywhere. No doubt some can, most can’t. Pro’s certainly don’t and most are hitting sub 45" drivers. Fowler is hitting a 43.25" and he says he only lost a yard or two. Have fun with your new toy. More sharing options…

Why are golf drivers longer than 48 inches?

Companies have been making drivers longer than 48 inches because they have been trying to cater to the needs of those who have taken up the sport for recreational purposes where there aren’t many rules. This is why tee shots can go as far as 400 yards because they are being hit with drivers that are about 72 inches.

Do you use older drivers with 46″ shafts?

I have some older drivers that I have hung on to from about 10-15 years ago with 46″ shafts. When I have used them sparingly, they felt odd to me since I was so used to a shorter shaft. But at the same time, I feel I’ve improved my technique, especially how I control my clubface at impact.

How long should a driver shaft be?

Let’s take a look. The standard driver shaft length for men is 43.5 inches when the shaft is steel. If it is made of graphite, 44 inches is the norm. But in recent times, 45 inches has become the standard. So, now you will see players carry around driver shafts anywhere from 45-48 inches long.