Are You pulling or pushing your golf shots?

Are You pulling or pushing your golf shots?

Are you hitting lots of golf shots that start out left of the target and continue flying left, on a straight line, until they land left of your intended landing area? If you are right-handed, you are pulling the ball or pulling the shot; if you are left-handed, you are pushing the ball or pushing the shot .

Why does my shot always go left of the target?

There are a variety of reasons that your shot could end up going left of the target whether you drew the ball too much or did not fade it quite enough. The problem with the pulled shot is that the ball starts left of the target, in a direction that you did not think you were aiming.

Why do I pull my shots?

Another swing error you might be doing which could cause pulled shot has something to do with your left knee and how it is used at impact. Indeed, some golfers lock their left – forward – knee at impact and while it is not necessarily a problem in itself it can lead to balls that shoots straight left.

Why do you pull the golf ball to the left?

One of the reasons why you pull the golf ball to the left is that you are swaying, or moving the body laterally to the right, on the backswing. As a golfer sways to the right on the backswing, it is only natural that the club head may move outside the target line. Thus, it is likely that the club will return to the ball from the outside.