Are the Wolf clubs any good?

Are the Wolf clubs any good?

Answer from: Csp The wolf clubs are not any good. The description says "Rome was not built in a day". Does that mean they get very good as they are upgraded? Can’t figure out what is so great about them.

How to hit a golf ball in rival?

One tricky part in Golf Rival is to balance the moving bar when releasing the ball to strike. You have to keep the moving needle in the bar as close to the center as possible when you are releasing the ball. Otherwise, your strike will not be perfect and you will find the ball leaning towards one side or the other after it has been struck.

How do you get the Leggo clubs?

The leggo clubs can only come from Legendary chests, its random what club you get though. You will not get a legendary club from a silver, gold or plat chest.

How to level up clubs in golf rival?

If you get close start to lose a few battles to drop your count. Don’t try and progress further in the game, stage-wise. Ideally to level up clubs in golf rival: Best Clubs to level up – Earth, Helm, Wooden Wheel, Moon, Force, and Stream