Are new putters worth a look?

Are new putters worth a look?

They are certainly worth a look because they are combining design, quality, and some new technology that other putters don’t have. See More Putters are worth a mention on this list because of their unique alignment system, and their growing popularity in the putting industry (as well as with tour players).

What are the different types of putters?

Face Balanced putters are highly recommended for golfers with a straight putting stroke, while Toe Balanced Putters are designed to assist players who have an arc in their stroke. There are also blade putters which are the most traditional oldest version of putters, featuring the classic small head design.

Who makes the best putters?

Odyssey Golf is one of the leaders in putter design and has been on the forefront of putter manufacturing for many years. Being the most played putter in the world makes it a highly sought after brand and retains pressure on the company to continually improve on their products.

What is a putter feature in golf clubs?

The innovative putter features golf equipment makers are offering in the latest iterations of their golf clubs. Most golfers can discover a consistent roll they trust, experience better distance control, and sink more putts and lower scores.