Are golf clubs suited to your body type and size?

Are golf clubs suited to your body type and size?

For the same reasons that someone who is 6’5” wouldn’t walk into a men’s clothing store and buy a suit off the rack, golfers need to make sure that the golf clubs they buy are suited to their body type and size. This is particularly important for players who are either much taller or much shorter than average height.

How do they determine my golf club length?

Specifically as it pertains to club length, they will look at a couple of static measurements, and they will also conduct a “dynamic” fitting assessment: The first step in figuring out the right length for your club is to start with your overall height measurement.

What should you look for when buying golf clubs?

Although obvious, getting the correct length of shaft is a fundamental consideration when buying golf clubs. Key considerations to check are your height, body type and physical strength. As a general rule, taller players usually need a longer shaft to play at their best.

How do you tell if a golf club has loft?

You can judge the loft by how much of the face of a club is angled upward or how much the top of the face is angled away from the shaft. Visually, a clubface with a higher degree of loft will appear to be more horizontally angled compared to that of one with a lower degree.