Are blades good for improving your golf?

Are blades good for improving your golf?

As an average golfer improves it’s only natural to begin looking for new irons. He or she starts paying more attention to clubs and club designs. Blades are remarkable looking clubs compared to the major game improvement irons.

Do game improvement blade irons own the Golf Club sales?

Game improvement blade irons don’t own a large share of golf club sales, but there is a specific group of golfers who play blades and will always play blades.

What are bladed golf clubs?

Bladed golf clubs are irons, which have a long history. When hard rubber golf balls, known as Gutta-percha balls, were introduced in the mid-19th century, irons with metal clubfaces — usually forged by blacksmiths — came into use. They were known as forged irons, or as blades, because the sleek slabs of metal resembled a knife blade.

What’s the difference between blade and metal golf irons?

But because blades are partially hand-made, the weight distribution is normally behind the center of the club which limits distance on shots not hit in the sweet spot. While the original blade irons were clunky looking, newer soft metal irons are appealing to golfers with their clean outlines, chrome finishes and thin top lines.