Why register for a charity golf tournament online?

Why register for a charity golf tournament online?

Online charity golf tournament registration not only helps process applications quickly but capture player data including name, address, phone and e-mail. You are creating a database for future events. Another key reason for online golf event registration instead of print forms and flyers is that you attract younger golfers to your tournament.

What are the benefits of online golf event registration?

And online golf event registration website also allows you to post directions to your tournament, your event day agenda, feature sponsor logos and share reports quickly with your golf committee. Get started today at the PerfectGolfEvent.com website.

How do I order signs and banners for my golf event?

To be displayed near the golfer registration area, should have the name of the event and the Presenting or Title Sponsor name on it. Helpful Hints FOR A MORE SUCCESSFUL TOURNAMENT Your can order all the signs and banners shown above in the Golf Digest Tournament Shop. Just go to and click on the tournament shop.

What are online golf event registration forms?

Online golf event registration forms allows you to promote your tournament, showcase your golf course, feature event-day activities and process credit cards. PerfectGolfEvent.com lets you set up your event website in less than 10 minutes – complete with online registration form.