Why do we call golfers'Sandbagger'?

Why do we call golfers’Sandbagger’?

First, the word doesn’t derive from the type of sand bags we’re most familiar with. It’s not the defensive sand bags (those used for flood control, lining foxholes, and so on) but the offensive sand bags that give us the golf word "sandbagger."

What is an example of sandbagging?

This form of sandbagging is also known as "handicap building." As an example of how the term is used, one golfer might say of another golfer known or suspected of sandbagging, "Bob sandbagged his way to the second-flight championship last year." A sandbagger is considered by many to be the one of the lowest forms of golf cheaters.

How does the USGA handicap system protect golfers against Sandbaggers?

Barrett points out that the USGA Handicap System includes a number of buffers against golf sandbaggers. Chief among them is the protection against those golfers that mysteriously – or not – step up their game for tournaments.

What is a Sandbagger in golf?

In a more specific usage, a sandbagger is a golfer who artificially inflates his handicap index in order to better his chances of winning tournaments or bets. One of the ways a sandbagger can inflate his handicap index is by selectively leaving out his best rounds of golf when he posts scores for handicap purposes.