Why do I loosen my hands at the top of the swing?

Why do I loosen my hands at the top of the swing?

Loosening the hands at the top of the swing is a major fault of weekend golfers and a sure shot-wrecker. The answer lies not in putting a stranglehold on the club, but in maintaining a consistent firmness in the hands. If you haven’t swung the club back adequately by turning your body, loosening your grip will be instinct’s way of getting it there.

Why does my golf club move in my hands?

If the golf club is moving in your hands – either during the backswing, downswing or especially impact – it means you are not gripping the club tightly enough. If the handle and shaft twist in your hands as you strike the ball, it will make it difficult for you to control the clubface.

Why do I Lose my Grip on my golf clubs?

The main reason for this problem is due to sweaty hands. During summer months, it is quite natural for golfers to have sweaty hands and this can make you lose the grip on your club during a shot. Washing your hands with soap and water does not help in the long run as the hands tend to get sweaty in a matter of minutes during such seasons.

Why does my golf club turn and twist?

Golf Club Turns in Hand at Impact If your golf club turns and twists during the exact moment of your shot, then it might end up causing a hook. Nobody likes having a hook spoil their perfect shot. It’s recommended you check to see if your grips feel good.