Why do I keep getting pop-up golf drives?

Why do I keep getting pop-up golf drives?

There is very little chance that your pop-up drives are being caused by teeing the ball up too high off the ground. With the proper swing mechanics you should be able to hit solid drives even when the ball is teed up high, so cross this off of your list of potential causes of the embarrassing pop-up.

What is a driver pop-up?

Hence, it is also commonly called a pop-up, or referred to as "skying" the ball. What Causes a Driver Pop-Up? The base cause is always this: The golf club gets under the ball at impact.

Why do i pop the ball up with my driver?

You pop the ball up with your driver, which is the same as “skying the driver” or simply hitting it too high, because you’re making contact too high on the clubface during your golf swing. Contacting the golf ball high on the clubface is going to promote a high ball flight type of trajectory.

How do I Stop my driver from pop-ups?

Keep your swing compact. A long golf swing can lead to poor balance, which can lead to pop-ups with the driver. If you allow your backswing to get too long, your weight will start to drift onto your left foot before you start to move the club back down toward the ball.