Why did Brooks Koepka and Dwayne Johnson have a row?

Why did Brooks Koepka and Dwayne Johnson have a row?

She fuelled talk of marital strife by recently deleting all pictures of Johnson from her Instagram account, while reports claimed he had struck up a close relationship with socialite Yassie Safai. It is claimed that Koepka had been comforting Gretzky and the row with Johnson on the plane from Atlanta was because of this.

What did Brooks Koepka say about his chances of winning the Masters?

Koepka made a snarky comment about his competitors, making a dig at Johnson in particular. "I like my chances and particularly when you look at how others have done when in contention to win majors," Koepka said (via FOX Sports ). "I mean, DJ’s only won one."

What’s going on between Dustin Johnson and Brooks Koepka?

Well, some of golf’s biggest talents today are changing that with a feud that comes as a surprise. Once upon a time, the golf world believed Dustin Johnson and Brooks Koepka to be good friends. The two were promoted when competing together and were even spotted partying together on a few instances years ago (via Golf ).

Did Furyk and Johnson argue over Paulina Gretzky?

Reports in Golf Digest and French sports newspaper L’Equipe suggest that the pair had an argument over Johnson’s fiancee, Paulina Gretzky, on the plane to Paris. Patrick Reed’s blast at US Ryder Cup captain Jim Furyk has seen him branded ‘so full of s***’ Dustin Johnson (left) and Brooks Koepka had a bust-up both before and at the Ryder Cup