Why choose persimmon wood drivers?

Why choose persimmon wood drivers?

All persimmon wood drivers are handmade and built to exceptionally high standards, which is how they’re able to deliver such a high degree of precision. Although you don’t see many wooden drivers for sale in the present day, Persimmon’s classic wood driver is unmatched as far as build quality and feel are concerned.

Which pro golfers use persimmon ball?

In the early 1990s, a lot of leading pros still used persimmon. Davis Love III used a Cleveland Classic (TC15) to be one of the longest drivers on tour. Fred Couples was equally prodigious with his old MacGregor (M85).

Do modern golf clubs have persimmon wood heads?

Some companies make modern clubs that have persimmon wood heads, and some companies sell and make clubs with wood shafts, wood heads, or both. Lee Elder broke down racial barriers throughout his career and paved the way for others.

Do you use persimmon woods in every round?

I don’t use persimmon woods in every round I play. But when I do, what I learn from the experiences has improved my game. It has made me more engaged in the strategy of the holes. It’s made me think more about where I’m trying to hit my drives. It’s made me realise there is no value in going flat out for a few extra yards.