Why can’t I hold the towel in my backswing?

Why can’t I hold the towel in my backswing?

If you are trying to hold the towel in place, you won’t be able to use your arms alone to make a backswing – so you’ll have to focus on proper shoulder rotation instead. When you get to the top of your backswing with your arms and torso connected, you’ll realize that you need movement from some other part of your body to create speed.

How do you use a towel in a golf swing?

Put the towel in place under your arms. To prepare for the drill, take your normal stance and get ready to make a practice swing. Before making that swing, take the towel and run it across your chest and under both armpits. You should be trapping the towel under your armpits, so it is suspended without needing to hold it up with either hand.

Why is the towel drill so popular in golf?

If you allow your arms to move up and away from your body at the top of the swing – which is a common error among players who struggle with a slice – the towel will quickly drop away. It’s this instant feedback that has made the towel drill so popular for so long.

Can the towel drill help with a slice?

Regular repetitions with the towel drill may not completely solve your slice, but they should help you get a feel for how your arms and torso should work together to keep the club in a good spot. Some golfers get lazy with their shoulder turn and just let the arms do all the work instead.