Why are titanium golf clubs so popular?

Why are titanium golf clubs so popular?

A golfer’s most important equipment is their clubs. The club that they use to hit the ball into the hole can be made of titanium, steel or any other material. However, titanium golf clubs are becoming more popular for many reasons. Titanium has a lower frequency than steel or aluminum, making for a quieter impact on both sides of the club-face.

What type of steel is used in golf clubs?

Chrome-plated steel is another very commonly used steel in the golf club industry. It is a complex type of steel similar to the qualities of titanium, used to make both shafts and club heads. It is a prevalent material for making up irons and wedges with proven compression and distance characteristics.

What are golf clubs made of?

By the 1980s, even the clubs known as woods would become metal. Today club heads are made of light metals like steel or titanium that allow for bounce off of the club face, as well as keeping the total weight of the club down to increase the club head speed.

What is the difference between stainless steel and titanium golf clubs?

Titanium is lighter than stainless steel and allows the designer to manufacturer a much larger club head that meets the weight specifications of a normal driver. The strength of the material has increased durability for even the strongest golfers in the world.